Mr. Roses’ Guide to Self-Mastery

Your Future is NOT Scary, it’s Exciting!

Why does life feel like a blur? Why does life feel like a job? Why is life out of our control? Why do people believe this is so?

You control your life regardless of what you think. All your problems in time will go away in a blink. The keys to success and happiness is within you. Read below and find out what is true.

Mr. Roses will teach you the game. Choose to do nothing and your life will remain the same. Master oneself and believe me it’s true. At the end of it all, you’ll find a new you.

Mr. Roses’ Guide to Self-Mastery

            In this guide, Mr. Roses will lead the way to Self-Mastery. But that is all he will do. You must put in the work, and believe me it’s some work. Does that statement not sit well with you?

If that statement doesn’t sit well with you, then you have a long way to go if you plan to master anything in life. Whether you are happy or not about having to put work in to achieve a goal says a lot about you.

I know the journey ahead seems unclear. I know there may be thoughts going through your head, such as: How am I going to make money? Where will I work? Will what I’m studying now be useful to me in the future?

Am I just wasting my time and money on something I don’t care about? Should where I’m working now be what I do with the rest of my life? Do I actually enjoy my job or am I just working for money? Am I living a rewarding life or am I just existing?

These types of questions and thoughts can create stress in your mind. They could lead you down a road of depression and inactivity. They could lead to anxiety and create insecurities within yourself.

But worst of all, these fears of the future can enable you to lose sight of the skills you have and the potentialities you possess.

Everyone needs a purpose. However, most of new generations have no purpose real purpose their striving towards. They float aimlessly through life for the most part just existing. Most of the generation works at jobs they hate because it simply pays the bills.

The only things they look forward to usually includes weekends and time off which usually means partying, hanging out or relaxing. These types of things to look forward to may be momentarily satisfying but will eventually lead to a feeling of emptiness and depression.

This can be a huge reason why the depression epidemic has blown out of proportion in the past generations. This generation has all the opportunity and none of the focus.

We all must understand that we are animals of habit and are also a complex machine. I make this statement coming from a mechanical engineering background, having taken classes like biomechanics and now currently working with complex mechanical systems in construction.

Everything that exists around us mechanically is basically a simplified function of the human body.

Here are two comparisons to think about between humans and machines:

1.) – Humans breathe Oxygen and exhale Carbon Monoxide to function. Oxygen is a main source of energy for humans and most animals. The body then removes water which it stores and Carbon Monoxide which it exhausts into the air.

– Automobiles similarly take in gasoline. The machine removes water (which sometimes you could catch dripping out the tail pipe) and exhausts carbon monoxide into the air.

– The important thing to focus on is not the fact that they are using different initial sources of energy, but the fact that they produce the same waste. Understand that this waste is the waste of a powerful energy source being used. This is just different initial variables being used to get the same product.

Example: (2 + 2 = 4) and (1 + 3 = 4) and (0.50 + 3.50 = 4)

Now compare that to what I have taught you thus far:

(Oxygen + Human = Carbon Monoxide and Water) and (Gasoline + Car Engine = Carbon Monoxide and Water)

We have different initial variables going from human to machine but regardless have the same waste from a consumption of energy.

2.) – Computers are what I would like to call a cheap imitation of the human brain. If you have ever taken any classes in basic programming, you already understand that the computers are just basic logic programs based off how the human brain processes information.

-To explain my point, I will give you one basic example:

When programming a computer to perform a task, the most basic starting point could be to develop an (Input Command) and an (If-Then Statement Command).

This means:

1.) Create an ‘INPUT COMMAND’ where the user (person using the program) can type in whatever they want.

2.) Create an ‘IF’ the user types in (X); respond this way (YES).

3.) Create an if the user doesn’t type (X), ‘THEN’ respond this way (NO).

Just as the brain takes in millions of input commands like comments and questions from others ex: (Hi, what’s the weather like?, are you hungry?, are you going to class?) the brain needs to go through more complex processes to determine how it wants to respond to any given input command at any given time.

Now speaking to the fact that we are humans of habit, look around you! The majority of the population follows the habit humans have set for the construction of what a week consists of.

Monday-Friday is set for work/school and the weekend is typically left to do with what you please. In school, we go to the same classes and sit in the same seats at the same times every day. In work, we go to the same place every day or do the same thing associated with work every day.

Of course I am speaking based on the majorities, there are always exceptions to the rule and those exceptions are the rule makers themselves. They are the ones who have achieved Mastery. When I say Mastery in this instance, I am directly referring to Mastery of Self (Self-Mastery).

Believe me when I say this: all great leaders, inventors and influencers of the world did so solely based off the fact that they mastered themselves’ before they made any great impact on the world.

Self-Mastery requires a combination of Intellectual Knowledge and Emotional Knowledge. It requires Hard Work and Dedication. Only through transforming a dream into a goal, breaking down your goal into planned steps and then backing those planned steps by consistent action may you ever achieve any type of Mastery in life.

You must develop your own plan based off your interests and desires. Finally once you have developed your own plan, then you must become your own boss. Most people lack these two different types of characteristics.

For example, most athletes fall back on a coach who inspires and pushes the athlete to great heights of achievement. There is nothing wrong with finding others that have certain characteristics that you yourself do not have and then teaming up with them to strive for a common goal.

The elites such as people like John D. Rockefeller both had a vision and the determination to push themselves towards that vision. Remember, all humans are equal though we are all born into different circumstances of existence.

We are all given different forms of education, live in different social groups and are exposed to different environments daily. However, you must remember humans are the top of the food chain not because of our size or strengths; but because of our brains and ability to rethink our own reality.

Humans can think creatively and figure out ways to remold our current situations to fit our desires and basic needs. With some hard work and focus, regardless of your situation, anyone may alter their reality and think their way into a new one.

For all you out there reading this; regardless of your background, location or financial situation you both have positives and negatives to your situation. For example, here are a few potential positives and negatives towards each different social class.

Note: This positive/negative chart is just an opinion from myself, the potential positives are optimistic motives and the potential negatives are skeptic motives.


The Lower Class

Positives –Able to survive with the bare minimum. Have all the opportunity to risk it all for something they want. They can do so with courage based off the fact that they know they are able to live with only the essentials.

Negatives – Sometimes born believing this is what was meant for them. That they were never given a proper chance to move into a higher social class.

The Working Class

Positives – Hard working their whole life. They know what it means to sacrifice it all in order to do what they must to survive.

Negatives – Overworked, therefore they look towards their free time to relax rather than planning their future growth.

The Middle Class

Positives – Live a comfortable life, not too many worries. Usually have some sort of plan for stability in the future both financially and socially.

Negatives – This casual easy going lifestyle is comfortable enough to satisfy most and numbs the desire for greater growth.

The Upper Class

Positives – All the potential and available power for great growth. Also lives a life of luxuries and pleasures.

Negatives – Due to luxuries and pleasure, strength to endure struggle is diminished, also value of objects and people may become distorted. Desire for growth could be nonexistent.

The point I’m trying to show you here is that we all have positives and negatives to the situations we are dealt in life. It is up to you to decide what you focus on and then plan your next moves.

Now I know most people out there are thinking so what does Self-Mastery then enable me to do? I’d like to first start of by introducing the concept of a skeleton. By skeleton I am talking about the basic foundation on which something is built. The skeleton is the most basic form of anything.


To better explain my point, I’d like to refer you to a clip from the HBO Series Vinyl

In that clip Lester, the band manager, teaches his band one fundamental skeleton/foundation that many songs are built on.

In life, you must seek to find the skeleton/foundation to whatever your goal is or whatever you want to master. Only once you have a full understanding of the skeleton/foundation to the goal you want to achieve may then begin your journey to Mastery.

The reason I made this guide is because I believe everyone has the potential for greatness inside them. I believe that all you need is the right external stimulant to move and motivate you.

It could be anything, it could be a person in your life, a movie you watched, an article you read, an event you attended, a guide to Mastery that you followed.

I believe I have achieved mastery in life. After two years of determination and consistent work, I have achieved full control of the basic skeleton/foundation to Self-Mastery.

I finally fully understand myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you have mastered these key skeleton/foundations of yourself, your viewpoint of the world around you will change.

You will now be able to maneuver yourself through life as you please. With Self-Mastery, you will understand the most basic form on which every aspect to life is built upon and around.

Myself, Mr. Roses did not achieve Self-Mastery by just aimlessly floating through life. Also, I did not achieve this form of mastery through luck. I achieved it through determination and will.

I was starting to sink to the darkest depths of depression when I finally found my light. It wasn’t materialistic objects, it wasn’t any person in my life. What finally opened my eyes to Self-Mastery was enlightenment. I began educating myself, I began READING BOOKS!

Once I began to finally understand and judge myself, I then began to understand the world around me and dominate it.

Mr. Roses has to offer you A Guide to Self-Mastery. A basic outline that will guide you to Self-Mastery through education. Education is the door that will lead you to success or Mastery of whatever your goal may be, but it is just the door.

The key is something you must produce. The key is something all humans are born with, that most ignore or choose to not use. The key to the door of success/happiness/mastery is hard work and consistency.

Believe me, if you are determined and willing to put in the work to achieve Self-Mastery my guide will help you get there.

Mr. Roses’ Guide to Self-Mastery will guide you down a road to the doors that you must open. Life is just a big game; believe me it’s true. In order to set yourself free from the restrictions of the game, you need to learn all the rules. The first rule is to know thyself. Either you rule your mind or your mind rules you.


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– Mr. Roses

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