#2 The Comfort Zone

“The Comfort Zone”. A place where most of the population sooner or later finds themselves settling into: whether it be settling into a job, a relationship or a way of life. The Comfort Zone is beneficial to humans and a necessity. However, it is also something that can greatly hinder growth.

The Comfort Zone is necessary for humans because in a world full of stress and struggles we all need comfort. A place where we can escape life for a little, rest and feel satisfied. Unfortunately with humans being creatures of habit, much of today’s society falls too deeply into their own Comfort Zones.

When resting in a Comfort Zone becomes too much of a habit, humans become stagnant. Their desire for growth diminishes. They start to become satisfied with what they have rather than striving to achieve what they want.

For Example: Many people from personal encounters constantly complain about their struggles with work. Either they work too much, get paid too little or any combination of the two.

In my experience, it is these same people who after work and during the weekend choose to waste time relaxing or enjoying themselves. During their only free time they make no effort to better their position. They choose week after week to fall into their Comfort Zones and ignore the reality that they are situated in.

Don’t get me wrong; relaxing after work and on the weekend is a good, well-deserved thing. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the current situation of your life, you’re the only one to blame if you are wasting all your free time relaxing instead of working to improve your situation.

Comfort Zones are easy routes to satisfaction but satisfaction is only temporary. It is the reward after a struggle that satisfies us. Remember, strength grows out of resistance and struggle. If you are not satisfied with your life right now, break out of your Comfort Zones and start chasing the things you want. You may be surprised to the greatness you can achieve.


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