Children’s Success Series by: Mr. Roses

In Mr. Roses first Children’s Book Series “Children’s Success Series Vol I”, he will focus mainly on how anyone may achieve great personal success. The first series objective will be to guide all readers down a path of habits that will lead all to future success and achievement of their dreams. The first series will consist of five books (SKIPP, PIP, Mikey, Sadie, Nato).

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‘Children’s Success Series Vol. I’ by: Mr. Roses:

What’s the Status of the Series?

Currently all five books are written with stories complete. The reading comprehension, attention to detail and success lessons are also complete.

The first book SKIPP is complete in its entirety and is purchasable (HERE).

PIP has started in the illustration procces.

Children’s Success Series by: Mr. Roses

Thank you for taking the time to check out my page. I hope you enjoy the presentation and support my efforts.

– Mr. Roses

What will be Taught?

The first series ‘Children’s Success Series’ objective will be to guide readers down a path of habits that will lead all to future success and achievement of their dreams. The first series will consist of five books:

  • SKIPP (Soccer player chasing his dreams)
  • PIP (Wild Kids leader defending her people)
  • Mikey (Rich kid trying to help the community)
  • Sadie (Softball captain who unites a team during conflict)
  • Nato (New kid in school who defends others against a bully)

Mr. Roses’ ‘Children’s Success Series’ guides the reader down a path that will lead them to the attainment of any of their dreams. Each book will teach the reader reading comprehension skills as well as attention to detail skills.

The entire series combined will teach the reader fifteen essential lessons on success.

The lessons are taught three per book and covers the following:


1.) Creating a Dream

2.) Using Imagination

3.)Being Enthusiastic


4.) Having Self-Confidence

5.) Using Accurate Thought

6.) Developing Initiative and Leadership


7.) Developing the Habit of Performing more Service than Paid for

8.) Taking Action

9.) Maintaining Concentration


10.) Building an Attractive Personality

11.) Developing Co-Operation Skills

12.) Practicing Tolerance


13.) Knowledge of the Golden Rule

14.) Facing Failures

15.) Maintaining Self-Control

About the books:

Throughout Mr. Roses: Children’s Success Series, each one of the five books will have a unique story.

Each book will introduce a main character, supporting characters and a new setting.

Each main character will be of a different ethnicity as well as have many different supporting character ethnicities throughout the book.

The entire book will be written in rhythm and rhyming style.

The end of each story will then go into an interactive educational section, the ‘Mr. Roses Section’.

This section will be training reading comprehension skills as well as attention to detail skills. A word search game will also be included in each book.

Following the Mr. Roses Section, Mr. Roses will teach kids three lessons on success.

They will be taught with images connected to the lessons along with directions on how to practice the lessons.

Why do this?

Mr. Roses began this journey on the search for personal freedom. Mr. Roses felt trapped in the world we live in and felt as a victim to the surroundings presented before him.

Mr. Roses grew up in a nice family and has had a comfortable life despite feeling trapped.

Upon the search for personal freedom, Mr. Roses noticed an underlying pattern that is present in every person of success, in every book written on success and in everything that is a success; including life itself.

Mr. Roses wants to introduce lessons on success early to children while also providing them with a guide on how to apply those lessons directly.

Mr. Roses believes if we all learn early enough the key lessons that lead to success in life; maybe one day humans will begin eliminating hatred, pain and suffering from the world.


Following Mr. Roses First series,  the Second series will teach of the troubles that today’s society could influence on a person and the virtues that have been lost but will soon be re-found.

The generations to follow are our future leaders. We should teach them not only facts and past events, but how to apply our knowledge and grow as a unit rather than divided.

– Mr. Roses

For any questions or interests in the series, please send me an email.

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