Children’s Success Series Vol. I by: Mr. Roses

The crew ; SKIPP, PIP, Mikey, Sadie, Nato

A self-development serious on success for a younger age group.

The series teaches kids important lessons on what it takes to become successful in their future. Each book has a unique

story with its own main character and is written in a rhythmic writing style with full color illustrations to captivate the reader.

Each book is composed of a story and a workshop at the end. The workshop focuses on key lessons for success such as reading comprehension, attention to detail and success lessons with prompts on how to begin working towards success.

The first series consists of five books (SKIPP, PIP, Mikey, Sadie, Nato). Click below for more information on the series and free printable activities:

More Info On The Series

Free Printable Activities

Author Visits

Mr. Roses answers students questions

During the live visits Mr. Roses brings his bright cheers and friendly personality to connect with each student in the class.

He opens by setting up the 20″x30″ printouts of the book while taking questions from the students.

Then he questions the students on topics related to the success lessons being taught during the reading.

Mr. Roses reads the story to the class then at the end asks question on how the main character in the story practiced the success lessons being taught.

The visit finishes with an interactive activity to get the students inpired and moving on their jourey towards success.

Click below for more information on the visits, reviews from teachers, notes from the kids and photos from past visits:

Mr. Roses School Visits


Have you ever read a book that written like a song? 28 chapters, what could go wrong?

A story about some skaters, one wants to be the best. How he will act when he finally has it, that will be the true test.

It’s filled with friendship and family not to mention a few goons. There’s a chef, a photographer and an artist who paints moons.

And of course there’s a wildcard always creating an interesting scene. The point of it all is to be genuine and to follow your dream.

Ages 8+

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Bonez by: Mr. Roses

Teaching Tools

Mr. Roses has worked with teachers to create lesson plans that are in alliance with (ELA CCSS RL.3.3) (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.5).

Click below for free printable lesson plans:

SKIPP’s Lesson Plan

PIP’s Lesson Plan

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