About Mr. Roses and his Website

Who is Mr. Roses?

              Mr. Roses is an old soul. He believes in past’s ways of family, respect and trust. He believes that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness in their life. He believes that many have forgotten the virtues that mold society.

Mr. Roses wants to educate and aim the future generations down a guided path towards success. He wants to teach of the troubles that today’s society could influence on a person and the virtues that have been forgotten.

Mr. Roses wants to teach respect for others, respect for self, kindness to all, acceptance of all and loyalty to others. Mr. Roses wants to teach that life’s potentials are available to all who dream them and dare to chase.


What is the Point of this Website?


I believe that there are many different qualities that a person must develop if they wish to be successful in life. In today’s day-in-age, we have so much technology and access to unlimited amounts of information on success from both people who are currently achieving success and from those who have achieved it in the past.

Most of the time those who are searching for the answer continuously learn what they must do to achieve success but never take the second step. They become overwhelmed with information and just continue learning more and more without practicing what they have learned.

The first step in achieving success in life is learning a few qualities successful people practice; the second step is practicing them yourself and putting the lessons into use. Only once you have practiced a few qualities and began making a habit of their practice, will you then be ready to continue learning more.

On this site, I will summarize any lesson that I have learned about success and articulate it to the reader in a practical way.

I hope the best for all of you out there, get inspired and start working. Nothing comes for free, you must work for what you want!

– Mr. Roses