#12 Sacrifice


Anything in life is achievable, if you are willing to put in the work and make sacrifices to achieve your goals. You must first envision, through your imagination, what it is that you want and then think about how you will feel once you’ve achieved your goal.

Once you are certain on what you want, you must then plan the proper steps to take in order to achieve your goals. Your plan may not be the correct route to achieving your goals. Your plan may fail along your path but believe me; every time your plan fails you will be one step closer to achieving your goals.

Your failures will show you where your plan is faulted and you will be given the opportunity to find a better route to achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, this is easier said then done. Many things seem simple in theory but difficult in practice.

For example: the secret to having a healthy body and being fit is no secret at all. In order to have a healthy body that’s fit, you must eat healthy foods and workout. But as we can see in today’s society not everyone is healthy and fit. Some people don’t care to be while others wish that they were.

For those out there who wish to achieve their goals but for some reason can’t:

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to be healthy and fit or struggling for anything else. The only reason that you cannot achieve your goals is because you are not willing to sacrifice what you know you must.

In order to gain anything in this life, something must be sacrificed. Whether its your time, foods you like to eat or activities you must miss, something must be sacrificed if you intend to achieve any of your goals.

To become who or what you want to be in life:

  • You must first envision the final product.
  • You must decide on a plan to get there.
  • Then you must walk the path without veering off.
  • You must suffer when appropriate.
  • Then you must celebrate your achievements.

Discipline and dedication are two key elements needed to transform your goal into plans and your plans into achievements. You are both the marble and the sculptor. Envision what you want, then start chipping away.


#11 Escape


The world we live in can be stressful and energy demanding. It can be overwhelming and complex. At times, everyone needs an escape from the world, an escape from reality, an escape from obligations.

This escape is something that all people need. Finding your Escape is critical to your mental health and overall happiness. Life isn’t all about constant movement and work. It is critical to slow down at times and enjoy the little things.

It’s important to clear your mind and give it some time to relax and go about its own natural thought pattern. In a world of constant movement, here are some ways to slow down so that you may enjoy the little things:

Some ways of escaping from life:

  • Spending time with your Family
  • Working out
  • Listening to Music
  • Meditating
  • Picking up a Hobby
  • Vacationing from Work
  • Traveling
  • Spending time with friends/meeting new ones

Each escape is a time where personal responsibilities and obligations can be temporarily forgotten. Allowing for your mind to veer off its training and to go back to its natural thought patterns.

You need to find what works for you. I cannot emphasize enough how important finding your escape is. Without one, we become conditioned to the environments we are forced into. We become people with personalities based off our responsibilities and obligations.

We forget our natural thought patterns and who we actually are as individuals. Remember, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Don’t become dull! Find your escape and never loose who you once were.


#10 Failure


Any successful person who claims they never failed is a liar. Failure is essential to success, unavoidable but luckily it is the ultimate teacher. If understood correctly, It is the most important factor that makes ordinary people extraordinary, but again only if understood correctly.

Failure is like electricity. If controlled properly it can do amazing things and in some instanced, help bring people back to life (defibrillator). If not controlled properly it can cause great damage and potentially kill you (lightning).

The two different ways of looking at Failure:

  • Pessimistic views

When faced with a Failure the pessimistic thinkers begin by feeling down on themselves. Most believe it is a sign that they will never be good enough to achieve their goals. It kills self-confidence and spirit. Failure makes most people feel embarrassed and self-conscious due to the fact that others know of their Failures. It can diminish all will power to prevail and succeed. This way of thinking can kill all movement towards one’s goals.

  • Optimistic views

When faced with Failure, the optimistic response is taken quite differently from the pessimistic. While the pessimistic sulks, the optimistic analyzes their Failure. The optimist tries to learn from their Failure, they break down every step and find where the fault in their plan lies. The War is not over and in every lost battle there is a lesson to be learnt from that will lead to victory in the end. Failure is a teacher who shows you the faults in your plan and makes sure you don’t forget them.

In this life, we must deal with Failure often. We are all imperfect humans and are bound to Fail at times. If you Fail at something, that means you’re making an attempt towards a new goal but don’t quite have the plan right yet. Most people are so scared to Fail that they stop attempting new things and re-adjusting their plans.

When humans stop attempting new things, we stop growing. Change your perspective on Failure and look at it as lesson you are learning on your path to success. When striving to accomplishing your goal and become successful, some type of Failure is almost inevitable. Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger!


#9 Organization


In order to be successful, there are many different things that go into the magical formula that changes dreams into reality. One of the key elements is organizational skills. Not only in organization of your work, but organization in your daily life and your mind.

By this I mean organization of your desk at work, your home, your room, your extracurricular activities, your bills, your priorities, your emotions and so on. Organization multiplies your spirit, energy levels and efficiency.

Throughout the day people subconsciously waste their energy. Some examples could be:

  1. Deciding on what clothing to wear during the day.
  2. Deciding on what food to eat during the day.
  3. Deciding on what activities to do during the day.
  4. Looking for personal/work items around the house/office.
  5. Deciding on when to workout or exercise.
  6. Deciding on when to do one’s laundry.
  7. Deciding on when to clean one’s house.
  8. Deciding when to clean and re-organize ones workplace.

The list could go on forever. The point to be understood is that these small decisions take different amounts of mental energies for each person to decide upon and when added together could be a substantial amount of energy being used.

In order to conserve energy, many random tasks like the ones mentioned above could be organized into a set pattern that will eventually become a habit. Habits form through repetition and create automatic responses resulting in low energy usage.

Benefits of organization

As a person becomes better in planning their personal/business lives, more habits will form and most of life’s simple tasks will become automatic resulting in more energy available for the freedom of our use.

The great thing with habits is that they become automatic and require much smaller amounts of energy to accomplish. The key to developing these habits is to first become organized and second to stick with the organized plan for your life/work that you developed. Some examples of basic decision we must make everyday that we can program to become automatic:

  1. I will wear these sets of clothing in a cycle during the weeks at work.
  2. I will pre-plan my meals for the week and stay consistent.
  3. I will spend time with friends on these days (x) and work on my goals on these days (x).
  4. I will organize my house/office like this (x).
  5. I will work out on these days (x).
  6. I will do laundry every (x).
  7. I will clean my house every (x).
  8. I will organize my desk in such a way (x).
  9. I will clean up my desks workplace every (x).

These small organizational habits that can be formed will save great amount of energy and allow for greater heights of achievement to be reached in other ways.

“A well-organized desk indicates a well-organized brain, as there is a close relationship between one’s mental attitude and one’s physical environment. “– Napoleon Hill

Stay organized and try to turn basic tasks into habits. This is a great principle that will ensure higher mental energy levels.


#8 Pressure



Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to you?

If not,

then what is it that should you do?

Do you have a choice?

Is there an angle you can see?

Where you’re at now,

is it what’s meant to be?

Pressure can be good,

it can also be bad.

You must resist from getting mad.

If the passion is there then the pressure is good.

If not, then the pressure can destroy you, understood?

By Mr. Roses


Pressure is typical when competing in life’s game of survival. Everyone must decide on what that means for them. Everyone must decide on two things:

  • How you will eat/drink.
  • Where you will find shelter.

Of course on a more socially organized scale there are many other concerns such as areas to live, places to work, the safety of your family if you choose to have one and so on. But to the three most basic needs for humans, we need food, water and shelter. Even just securing these three basic needs of humans could put a great amount pressure on a person.

Everyone needs to decide on what type of lifestyle is suitable for them. Once decided they need to chase and pursue that lifestyle. Any type of lifestyle will take some effort/sacrifice to achieve/maintain and will put some level of pressure on that individual. To live a happy life everyone needs to take the following steps and decide what type of pressures they wish to endure:

  1. Decide on what type of lifestyle you want to live.
  2. Develop a plan on how you wish to achieve that lifestyle.
  3. Cross analyze your lifestyle and plan in the following ways:
  • Is this truly the lifestyle that you want to live?
  • Is your plan to achieve this lifestyle a practical plan?
  • Have you critically looked at your plan from every angle and calculated the points where you may fail?
  • Have you developed a plan on what you will do if your plan doesn’t go accordingly (which in most cases it won’t)?
  • Is the lifestyle you want to live worth the pressures that you will face down the road and are you fully ready to face them and conquer?

Remember that not all pressure is bad. Pressure directed towards the right goals can be a great moving force for achievement. Decide on what types of pressures are beneficial to your chosen quality of life and then eliminate all negative pressures.

When striving for your goals, you may fail. However, failure is only failure when you choose to give up. If you look at failure as lessons showing you where your plan was flawed, then you may reach your goals quicker than expected.

Final thoughts: Diamonds are made under extreme pressure. Decide on your goal, work hard and never give up. Become a perfect diamond and begin facing your chosen pressure.


#7 Courage


What is to come?

What is to be?

I’m scared of what will happen,

that’s between you and me.

I must continue on,

even though I don’t know.

The challenges I’ll face that I must undergo.

The reason behind my journey is important indeed.

Regardless of the challenges, I’m sure to succeed.

– Mr. Roses

Throughout life there will be many uncertainties. We as humans can never know the outcome of what will happen in the future. All that we can do is speculate, gather facts and make predictions. We must use these predictions to take educated guesses in order to continue progression in any given work, project or personal task.

Progressing based off prediction and educated guesses isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It takes a certain amount of Courage to continue moving forward over uncertain grounds because of the potential magnitude of failure.

Courage is a vital force that drives success through uncertain situations. To develop courage, practice over and over again. To accomplish something great you need courage. In order to be Courageous, you must do the following:

– Believe in your cause, whether it be something regarding your work, your own project or a personal task in life.

– Analyze all the potential benefits of preceding over these uncertain grounds.

– Analyze all the potential failures of preceding over these uncertain grounds.

– Decide upon the importance of this task and decide if the benefits outweigh the consequences of failure.

Deciding to precede over uncertain grounds is a sign of Courage, but only if the above steps have been taken. Anyone can precede forward over uncertain grounds with ignorance. It takes true Courage to proceed through uncertain grounds with full awareness of the potential failures.

Analyze these failures, decide if the benefits are worth the risk and if they are, move forward with Courage!


#6 Mindset vs. Fear

Mindset Vs Fear

It’s true, typically the things that change us and help us grow are the ones that scare us the most. Usually the things that scare us the most are the things that we don’t think we cannot accomplish. The Fear of Failure is what scares us.

What’s important to understand is that this Fear is just a self-inflicted false reality. It’s a Mindset that holds you captive from doing what you believe in your heart you should do.

A few examples:

1.) Take a child who is scared to go into their room alone at night. The child Fears that there are monsters in the room at night and is too scared to go into the dark room alone. This Fear of monsters is just a Mindset that blocks the child from going into their room alone late at night.

Adults know monsters don’t exist but the child doesn’t. Until the child matures and gets over the Fear of monsters, this Mindset that there are monsters in the room will have some control over the child’s actions blocking the child from going into the room alone at night.

2.) Take a guy scared to talk to a girl. He Fears what she will say or maybe even what he will say, so that Fear can potentially stop that guy from taking action and talking to the girl he admires.

Until he can finally over come the Mindset and take a chance even though it scares him, he will never grow, he will never develop the courage to talk to girls and never truly know what the outcome of his efforts could be.

3.) Sometimes what people Fear the most could be of more serious degrees. Maybe they want to take a chance with a new work decision. Maybe if they fail, they will be left with nothing. Is it worth the risk?

That’s up to them, only they could decide. Of course, the decision is scary. At the end of it, for the better or the worse, the experience will change them. It will change how they think about things and the experience will break them through a mental barrier.

If the decision that you Fear is of a serious degree, think about the worst possible situation you could get yourself into. Set a plan on what you would do if that happened. If you feel comfortable with your plan in the worst case scenario and truly believe in your decision, then over come your Fear and free yourself from the entrapped Mindset.



Mindsets entrap us. Identify which ones are holding you back and make the leap of faith.

#5 Stressed


Stressed, Stressed.

Life moves along.

Stressed, Stressed.

You must be strong.

Stressed, Stressed.

Not the only one.

Stressed, Stressed.

Rise like the sun.

By: Mr. Roses

In today’s day in age, stress is normal. Speaking from someone who works in New York City, the city that never sleeps, it’s action 24/7. Sometimes work could become so overwhelming that your life begins to revolve around it.

In a very competitive work economy, you must be aggressive in completing your tasks or risk getting replaced. This constant work flow and competitive environment breaths stress.

You may start to find yourself moving constantly at 100 mph trying to achieve your tasks at work and sometimes this is what’s required.

Due to the consistency of the work load and the need to be moving fast at all times, we tend to forget how to slow down outside of work. Life starts to move more rapidly and happiness starts to decline.

We become entrapped in the work world stress. Then during any free period where we have time to try and free ourselves from these burdens by improving our situation, all we want to do is crash and relax at 0mph.

How to decompress

It is critical to find out how to slow down your pace in life. Sometimes at work you need to be aggressive and work at 100 mph, but not all of life is like that. Life is something you want to try and cruise at a nice 50 mph.

We all need to break this 0 mph or 100 mph lifestyle and learn how to pump the breaks. As the great Ferris Bueller stated “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

The stresses you are facing now are preparing you for something great in the future. Study your habits and find the things that are causing most of your stress. Try and implement alternative habits that can reduce your stress.

Try things like exercising, meditating or spending time with friends and family. If all fails, remember that diamonds are made under great pressure. Keep in mind the greatness you will achieve in the future.


#4 Finding your Passion

Without Passion, you have basic energy. With basic energy, your road to great success may seem impossible.

Energy is what gives the body life. Humans are much like a living supercomputer. Electrical signals sent throughout cells within the body control all of our movements, thoughts and functions. However, there are two different kinds of energy that humans can experience.

The First: (Basic Energy) The energy that your body uses to get through life day by day comes from the foods you eat. That food is broken down by the body and is then converted into energy.

The Second: (Revolutionary Energy) The energy that your body uses to “move mountains” comes from Passion. Passion contributes to one of the highest forms of energy our body can experience and motivates us to great heights of achievement.

Many people want to get ahead in life but fail to first find their Passion. Anything is achievable when backed with Passion.

Finding your Passion is a key element when traveling the road to success. To get ahead in life, you must find your Passion. You must find what you enjoy to do.

Pay attention to your interests and the things you admire. Study yourself and figure out the things you are Passionate about. When you think of a few things that you genuinely are Passionate about, make a list. Then use your imagination and try to figure out if there is any possibility of making a future for yourself doing these things.

Is there a way to make your Passion your career? Are there any jobs that your Passion would fit into or any possibility of creating your own job? Remember, money is unlimited, find what you are Passionate about then figure out a way to make money doing so.

Once you have figured out a way that you can make money while following your Passion, make a plan. In your plan define obstacles and objectives; also try an implement a time scale. Clearly outline a path that will lead you to achieving your Passion as a job.

If you do this, you will have set in stone a clear mental path on your goals. Chasing your goals when backed by your Passion driven energy will cause you to enthusiastically chase them. Passion will also help you consistently move through failures; which is another key element on the road to success.

The road to success is a long and difficult journey. In order to make the distance you must be fueled by passion.


#3 Find your Purpose


Choosing your purpose in life is the critical starting point to achieving success. Please understand that dollars do not define success alone, but also in things like achievement and happiness.

Throughout life, we all constantly move in different directions in different phases of our lives. At different ages, different activities/goals may seem important or life changing. Then as we get older, we may begin to see those same activities/goals as unimportant.

This is life, humans are constantly growing and changing. Finding new interests then moving on to the next. The biggest issue with this is that most people don’t stick with one thing long enough for success to fully develop.

To be successful in your future, it will take hard work, dedication and consistency. The vast majority constantly jumps from topic of interest to the next topic of interest their whole lives. Which in turn spreads their energy levels thin. So thin that they can’t focus enough energy on one topic. Spreading your concentration/energy onto too many different topics will almost never lead to success.

The first step to becoming successful in your future is picking a purpose. This is because, as you grow through life, your perspective about it will change. Moreover, how you plan to achieve your purpose will slowly become clearer.

Most people move through life going in so many different directions that they cannot focus on any single interest. Picking a purpose will help guide you along a consistent path that will eventually lead success.

As said by Napoleon Hill “Purpose is a desire chosen by an individual that they are determined to achieve. Any purpose that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there with the determination to realize it will saturate the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body towards the attainment of that purpose.”

To achieve great success in your life, find your purpose. It can be anything–sports, art, or other activities or studies.

Everyone’s main goal in life is to discover their true talent and figure out a way to influence society in a positive way with it. If you cannot find your purpose, find your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.