#22 Rich/Poor

Rich vs Poor, what is the difference? When you take away all the materialistic things, there really isn’t much. The bottom line is we are all humans and what one human is capable of, another human can also do.

So why is there such a separation between people who are Rich and people who are Poor? Of course there are the Rich who have acquired their wealth from their parents. There are those who were guided towards riches, but what is it that allows them to maintain their fortune and to keep growing? Also, how do people who are not born with riches figure out how to acquire it?

The only real difference between these two different types of people is nothing more than their habits. Those who become wealthy in life become so due to their habits. They keep their bodies healthy, their mind sharp and constantly strive for achievement. Some main habits that wealthy people perform on a daily basis during includes the following:

  • They always have a goal they are working towards and keep that goal in sight.
  • They plan what they are going to do to achieve their goals days in advanced so when they wake up, they can immediately start working.
  • They read daily. (They read some fiction for entertainment but mostly they read non-fiction books that will help improve their views on life and thoughts about the future).
  • They always put in more work than what is required of them. (This can highlight to others your abilities and separate you from the norm).
  • They regularly try to eat healthy and to exercise.

During their free time, people who become rich are constantly striving and making moves towards its attainment by following some of the habits listed above. We are all living in the 21st century and have unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips.

Don’t waste your free time constantly scrolling through social media. Use your free time wisely. Look into the habits of the rich and make a few of them your own. Set your goal and keep it insight. Make some sacrifices and who knows, maybe all of the poor will one day become the rich.

#21 Suffering

We all have our own stories, our own past experiences. We all have unique accomplishments and we all have unique struggles. Every one of these experiences makes us the individual we are today.

Accomplishments build our self-confidence and encourage our view on the world. However, our struggles build our strength and re-mold our view of the world.

Struggles builds resilience in a person, a fire that cannot be put out by others.

Most people in the world are burdened with great struggles. These burdens tend to kill moral, kill drive and kill motivation. They tend to bring a person down and make them want to give up.

This is the mindset that struggles bring upon us as humans. Regardless of your struggles, no matter how significant or seemingly insignificant they may be to others, your personal struggles can destroy you.

Yes, your struggles can destroy you BUT they can also make you, a better you. Depending on the person you are, your struggles will either depress you and force you into a hole or empower you and give you the strength to move mountains.

When we’re feeling down, sad or depressed about our life and the situations we are presently in or previously have been through, two different types of thoughts go through our minds:

  • Pessimistic Thoughts – Why me? What can I do? I’m stuck in this position. Life doesn’t get better. Nothing is worth it. This is what I am; I’ll never be anything more.
  • Optimistic Thoughts – This situation I’m in is terrible but it can be worse. Right now I’m struggling but one day I won’t be. I will find a way out of this.

The difference between these two different thoughts (Pessimistic vs Optimistic) makes all the difference in life and will be the determining factor of your future. If you start paying attention to your perks rather than your disadvantages, you may one day look back to your struggles as the source of your strength.

Like a muscle, we become stronger during difficult times. Embrace your struggles and grow from them.

#20 What’s your Why?


Your why is your Drive. Find the Driving force that motivates you to greater levels of action and achievement. Finding your Drive is another key element that leads to greatat forms of success.

However, the road to success isn’t as simple as it seems. Along the road you will face many challenges. You will fail at times, be forced to learn from your mistakes and have to re-model your plan. You will go through waves of high energy/enthusiasm and low energy/depression.

During the high energy levels, you will accomplish many tasks and will triumph through your failures with enthusiasm. During the low energy levels, the simplest tasks will seem difficult and with the depression, your failures may seem like the end of the world. You may even believe that all your efforts have been waisted or weren’t worth it.

This is common. During low energy levels most people gives up and fails. It’s important to remember that what we imagine and believe, we achieve. Your efforts weren’t worthless. If you believed at one point in your heart and gut that you are making the right decisions, continue on and venture into the part of the road that many choose not to travel on.

“Any roadblock is just a test, most quit and fail, few try and think their way to success.”

– Mr. Roses

What is your push? Who are you doing this for? Are you striving for yourself or are you striving for others? What is Your Drive? By finding your Drive, you will discover a powerful tool that will push you through the low energy levels and strengthen your will to succeed.

  • Your Drive can be your family or loved one.
  • Your Drive can be past memories or your vision of the future. You can feed off the desire to never return to where you have been before or the hunger to get where you’ve never been.
  • Your Drive can be your values and the good you hope you can do one day. You may be fighting for a cause.

Your Drive can be anything that motivates you consistently to want to achieve higher levels of success. Find your Drive, find what motivates you to want to continue on even during the most difficult parts of your journey. Constantly keep that Drive in your mind and during times of hardship, think back to why your doing all this. Think back to your Drive.

#19 Hard Work

Hard Work

An idea developed by psychologist Anders Ericsson is that 10,000 hours of practice can make any person an expert in any field they practice in.

Doing the math and assuming a person would be practicing 24/7, it would take 417 days or 1.1 years to become an expert in whatever they choose. In a real-world situation where a dedicated person trained 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, it would take a person 1,250 days or 3.4 years to become an expert in whatever they choose.

Now these numbers aren’t fact, they can vary depending on multiple factors such as age, natural talents, previous experience and even how a person is practicing. The point to be made here is that yes, under an uncertain time frame, any person can become an expert in whatever they want as long as they are willing to make the sacrifice. By sacrifice I mean two things specifically:

  • Sacrifice of Time – To become an expert at anything we need to put in the time. We need to set aside time to train and practice the skills we wish to become experts in. This can be stretched over a broad number of different scenarios, for example:
    1. We may have to shift around plans to hang out with friends.
    2. We may have to shift around when we see our families.
    3. We may have to shift around when we work to make money.


  • Sacrifice of Body – To become and expert at anything we need to sacrifice our bodies. Now this can stretch across a wide range depending on what you are striving to become successful at. For example:
    1. We may want to become an athlete, so we must train our bodies physically.
    2. We may want to become a scientist, so we must train our minds analytically.
    3. We may want to become a musician, so we must train our ears musically.

So long as we are willing to sacrifice our time/body, humans can accomplish anything they wish. It just takes hard work and dedication to make the achievement of becoming an expert. Sometimes it may become frustrating to continue but that’s what growth is all about.

Persist through difficulties, that’s how we grow and develop as humans. If you want something, set a plan on how you are to achieve it and work hard until you see it become real. Anything in life is achievable if you are willing to put in the work.

#18 Impossible


Impossible it was to believe that humans would ever become the dominating species on earth in respect to our size and physical abilities. Impossible it was to believe that humans could build major structures with no mechanical machinery. Impossible it was to believe that humans would ever be able to fly. Impossible to Possible, it’s what humans do.

Anything is possible when fully thought out and approached in the right way. The long distance that humans have come and the great accomplishments that have been made is proof that humans can achieve the Impossible. So, what is Impossible then? Impossible is nothing!

Humans have become the top dominant species on earth not by our size or physical abilities, but by our brains. We discovered that in groups, with manmade tools and some organization that we can overpower any other species.

This is all due to our unique ability of original thought. We can assemble ideas through thoughts and experiences. We can then constructive those ideas into plans to create things that never existed before except for in our Imaginations. That is the great gift that separates humans from all other species on earth.

Humans have original thoughts! If we can believe something is possible and imagine how to do it, then we can find a way to achieve it. Choosing to believe that something is Impossible is a choice and a mindset. If you believe that something is Impossible, it may be true, but it is only true based off your current education and experience.

If any human believes that something is Possible and strives aggressively to achieve it, well then humans will find a way once again to turn the Impossible to Possible.

Don’t limit your vision. Humans have proven almost nothing is Impossible and are constantly out doing ourselves every day. Dream big, visualize your goal, set a plan, work hard as hell and turn your dreams into reality!

#17 Triggers


                As humans, we live in a world filled with external stimulants. How we react to those external stimulants determine our quality of life. The reason being, the external stimulants play with our emotions and our emotions determine our quality of life.

Below I have listed (6) of the most basic human emotions. I have laid out the six emotions and possible Triggers that can cause the emotion:

  • Love
    1. Seeing your family/friends.
    2. Helping another person.
  • Joy
    1. Your favorite team won.
    2. All the work you put in on your project paid off.
  • Surprise
    1. A random act of kindness happens towards yourself from another.
    2. Having great respect for another persons unexpected accomplishment.
  • Anger
    1. Being pestered by others.
    2. Jealously of others.
  • Sadness
    1. Songs that remind you of past troubles.
    2. Feeling guilty for a wrongful action.
  • Fear
    1. Being confronted with an unexpected obstacle.
    2. Feeling pressured.

The list of different Triggers for each of the six emotions can go on forever. Different Triggers will cause different emotions for each individual. The Key here is to study yourself and figure out what Triggers for you cause which emotions.

We as humans if trained correctly may obtain control and direction of our emotions. Control of emotions is another element that is Key to becoming successful in whatever you please.

In order to achieve true greatness, study our own emotions and understand yourself. Once you do this you will be surprised to learn how much you now know about others and their emotions.

If you can understand your own emotions and the emotions of others given different external stimulants, then you are well on your way to success.

Find the Triggers that motivate you to become the person you want to be and believe me, your greatest dreams can be achieved.

#16 Self-Control


                  Self-Control or better yet, Thought-Control is one of the most important things to practice when striving for success of any sort. Having good Self-Control is just being very good at Controlling our Thoughts.

Self-Control is the ability to feel all the emotions that we are experiencing in a given incident (Worry/ Happiness /Anger/ Desire /Fear/exc… /) and being able to present oneself as if we were not experiencing any.

Self-Control is setting a goal and staying on the path set until success is reached. As life goes on there will be many Temptations that will test us and attempt to weaken our Self-Control. The more we give in to these temptations the further down a road of failure they will lead us.

  • Example: A Person Dieting

The Original Thoughts:

A person may decide that they need to loose some weight so they set a plan to workout 5 days a week and to stop eating unhealthy food.

The Temptations:

Throughout the weeks they constantly get offered (food/plans to hangout) that would interfere with their plan to eat healthy and workout when scheduled.

Choosing to side with the Temptations:

Throughout the weeks they decide to take up the offers of unhealthy foods and the alternative plans that take up the time they set for working-out. If these Temptations constantly change their Thoughts and causes them to alter from their plan, then they will be a failure. They will also have learned the weakness of their Self-Control strength and can begin practicing strengthening it.

Choosing to side with your Original Thoughts:

Throughout the weeks they decide to refuse the offers of unhealthy foods and the alternative plans that would have occupied their time set for working-out. They stay on their plan to lose weight. They stay away from unhealthy foods and workout 5 days a week. At the end of it all, they will have shown a great amount of Self-Control and are sure to be a success.


Self-Control or Thought-Control is essential to success in a world filled with opinionated people and exterior temptations. You must master Self-Control if you plan to be successful at anything in life. To become successful, find a goal, set a plan and stick to it! Walking out the plan isn’t always easy and the rout may have many changes along the road but remember, what we can conceive and believe we can accomplish. Maintain your Self-Control and don’t let the outsiders change your Thoughts. Stay on your plan and achieve success!

#15 Confidence


You only have as much Confidence as you practice. Believe it or not, Confidence is something that must be practiced and worked at daily in order to develop and grow.

Confidence is much like a muscle, to build it up, you must work it out and if you don’t your confidence will shrink. If you do not work on your confidence daily, then you will progressively become less and less Confident with each day. Confidence is limitless but it must be worked on, it is a result of practice and experience.

When trying to build confidence, look back at your life. Think about all the times where you excelled and accomplished something good. Whether it be graduating from school, helping out another person with something, building something, excelling in a sport, anything memorable that you did that made you feel proud of yourself.

Remember how you felt on that day, remember the feeling that made you feel like you can take on the world. The feeling that made you feel truly important, successful and meaningful in your life. At that moment in time, you felt the limitlessness of Confidence. Unfortunately, over time that feeling of confidence diminishes. So how do we constantly work at becoming Confidence then?

The feeling of confidence comes from:

 1.) Deciding on who you or who you need to be / Finding your Purpose

2.) Organizing a Plan

3.) Taking Action

The struggles that must be faced and worked on to strengthen your confidence:

4.) Accepting failure as a lesson and continuing forward

5.) Ignoring the opinions of others

Item number 5 is the most critical point in becoming confident in yourself. Many people in this world will have their own opinions of how they think of you and what they think about the things you do. You must remember that other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.

Most of the time false opinions are formed off fake claims or lack of knowledge. Know that most of these people forming opinions on you don’t even have a full grasp of who they are themselves.

Be Confident in the uniqueness and flaws of yourself. Trust in the person you are striving to become and accept that failure will be present too often on the road to success. Learn from your mistakes and take none of the opinions of others personally.


#14 Patience


Patience ………………………………………… Patience …………………………………………………………… Patience. Having Patience can take quite a bit of Patience. Patience may be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome when trying to become successful. But why be Patient?

You did all this work, you put in the time and you made the sacrifices that you needed to make in order to achieve your goals. So why now do you now have to be Patient to achieve success?

Well because not everything in life happens right away, for example consider farming. Farming is a labor demanding job. Farming has (6) basic steps that every farmer must make in order to grow plants, vegetables, fruits, exedra. These steps when broken down can act as a perfect simile to the Patients needed to achieve your goals.

  1. Crop Selection – Here the Farmer must decide on the seeds to plant.
    1. Here the Successful Person must decide on what type of goal they wish to accomplish.
  2. Land Preparation – Here the Farmer must choose land and preparing it for the seeds.
    1. Here the successful person must begin laying down a plan for how to achieve their goals.
  3. Seed Sowing – Here the Farmer must begin planting the seeds into the soil.
    1. Here the Successful Person must take action into starting on their plan.
  4. Irrigation – Here the Farmer must constantly water the crops to ensure their growth and development.
    1. Here the Successful Person must nurture the dream of their goal and continuously work on achieving it with faith of future achievement.
  5. Crop Growth – Here the Farmer begins to see his crops rising from the soil.
    1. Here the Successful Person begins to see progress towards their goals.
  6. Harvesting – Here the Farmer begins to finally harvest fruits, vegetables exedra from their crops.
    1. Here the Successful Person finally realizes and experiences results from their efforts.

Most people give up in stage (4).

After passing a labor-intensive stage (3), most people feel as if they are finished and are ready for their reward. They don’t realize that after all the hard work there is still time until their goals become realized.

In order for your goals to be realized, your hard work needs to be still backed with faith through the (Irrigation Process), then will start growing through (Crop Growth), then finally may become ready to be realized during (Harvesting).

To be truly successful you need to do the work, but also you must be patient and have faith in the process. After all the work is done, it’s now up to mother nature and her perfect timing. Remain confident, keep up on your schedule, work hard and wait.

Your harvest season may just be around the corner.

#13 Change


Change. It instills fear into many. It is about new beginnings and experiences. Change is the ONLY thing consistent throughout our whole lives. So why are many people afraid of it? Here are a few reasons:

  • For one, we are beings of habit. Breaking from our habits is tough and can make us feel uncomfortable. Humans, just like all natural phenomena’s in the world, always like to take the path of least resistance.

An example of this can be water, water will never go uphill, but will flow downhill every time with ease. Water flowing downhill is the path of least resistance. Water could flow uphill but that would require more effort such as using a pump.

The mental paths of habits are deep and straightforward, they require a minimal amount of energy to follow. Veering off that path takes more mental energy and dedication to program the Change of bad habits.

  • Another reason people hate Change is because as we age, we become more resistant towards trying new things. We all hit a point where we feel that we can gage what we’re good at and what we’re not good at.

As we age, avoiding change helps reduce the feeling of defeat or embarrassment. People choose not to constantly challenge themselves, typically because of past experiences and the fear of looking foolish.

  • One of the main reason people fear Change is due to the uncertainty of the future even though it is only temporary uncertainty.

Change has many initial questions when proposed and integrated such as: Will this be effective? How will others handle it? Could there be negative impacts? People always fear what they do not know and the results of change is not always a clear picture.



Change is the ONLY thing consistent in life and the outcomes are unknown. We must all gage the positive and negatives impacts. If the positives outweigh the negatives then it is beneficial. If the negative out weighs the positive, then it may be time to re-organize your plans.

Learn to embrace Change and continue growing. Change is the movement of water. The running water is always cleaner and healthier than the stagnant pond.