#4 Finding your Passion

Without Passion, you have basic energy. With basic energy, your road to success may seem impossible.

Energy is what gives the body life. Humans are much like a living supercomputer. Electrical signals sent throughout cells within the body control all of our movements, thoughts and functions. However, there are two different kinds of energy that we can experience.

Basic Energy – The energy that our body uses to get through life day by day comes from the foods we eat. That food is broken down by the body and is then converted into energy.

Revolutionary Energy – The energy that our body uses to “move mountains” comes from passion. Passion contributes to one of the highest forms of energy our body can experience and motivates us to great heights of achievement.

Many people want to get ahead in life but fail to first find their passion. Anything is achievable when backed with passion.

Finding our passion is a key element when traveling the road to success. To get ahead in life, we must find our passion. We must find what we enjoy to do and work at it.

To find your passion, pay attention to your interests and the things you admire. Study yourself and figure out the things you like to do. When you think of a few things that you genuinely are passionate about, make a list.

Incorporate these passions into your life through day to day experiences. Build habits that go hand in hand with your passions. Join a group, join a club, go to an event, do extracurricular activities, visit others. Start with basic ways of incorporating your passion into your life.

Another ides it to use your imagination and try to figure out if there is any possibility of making a future for yourself doing these things. Mixing a career with passion is one of the surest ways to achieve success.

Ask yourself, is there a way to make your passion a career? Are there any jobs that your passion would fit into or is there any possibility of creating your own job? Remember, money and opportunities are unlimited. Find what you’re passionate about then figure out a way to make money doing it.

Once you have figured out a way that you can make money following your passion, create a plan. Clearly outline a path that will lead you to achieving your passion as a job. And remember, failure is a given when attempting anything new. Be prepared to face unforseen obstacles and adjust your plan when necessary.

If you do this, you will have set a clear mental path for your goals. Chasing your goals that are backed by passion driven energy causes enthusiastic movement. Passion will also help you get through the failures.

The road to success is a long and difficult journey. In order to make the distance you must be fueled by passion.


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#3 Find your Purpose


Choosing a purpose in life is a critical starting point to achieving success. Please understand that dollars do not define success, success is the progressive realization of a good idea.

Throughout life, we move in different directions through the different phases of our life. At different ages, different activities/goals may seem important or life changing. Then as we get older, we may begin to see those same activities/goals as not being so important.

This is life, humans are constantly growing and changing. We are constantly finding new interests then moving to the next. The biggest issue with this is that most people don’t stick with one thing long enough for success to fully develop.

To be successful in the future it takes hard work, dedication and consistency. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people constantly jump from topic of interest to topic of interest their whole life and never see a path fully through.

This spreads energy levels too thin and causes failure to focus enough energy on one topic. Spreading our concentration/energy onto too many different topics will almost never lead to success.

The first step to becoming successful in the future is picking a purpose. As we grow through life, our perspective about life changes. Therefor, our growing perspective on life will continuosuly alter our plan to success. Eventually over time, the true path to achieving our purpose will slowly present itself.

As said by Napoleon Hill “Purpose is a desire chosen by an individual that they are determined to achieve. Any purpose that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there with the determination to realize it will saturate the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body towards the attainment of that purpose.”

To achieve great success in your life, find your purpose. It can be anything: medical, educational, sports, art, invention, studies or even helping people.

If you cannot find your purpose, find your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.


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#2 The Comfort Zone

“The Comfort Zone”

A place where most people sooner or later find themselves settling into. Whether it be settling into a job, a relationship or a way of life. The comfort zone is beneficial and a necessity for us. However, it is also something that can greatly hinder growth.

The comfort zone is necessary for people because in a world full of stress and struggle, we all need comfort. We all need a place where we can escape life for a little, rest and feel satisfied. Unfortunately with humans being creatures of habit, much of today’s society falls too deeply into their comfort zones.

When resting in a comfort zone becomes too much of a habit, we become stagnant. Our desire for growth diminishes. We start to become satisfied with what we have rather than striving to achieve what we want.

Many people, from my experience, constantly complain about their struggles with work. Either they work too much, get paid too little or any combination of the two.

Again, in my experience, it is these same people who after work and during the weekend choose to waste time relaxing or enjoying themselves rather than working to better their situation. During their only free time they make no effort to better their position. They choose week after week to fall into their comfort zones and ignore the reality that they are in.

Don’t get me wrong, relaxing after work and on the weekends is well-deserved. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the current situation of your life, you’re the only one who can better your situation. If you are wasting all your free time relaxing instead of working to improve your situation, you’re to blame for your current position.

Comfort zones are easy routes to satisfaction but satisfaction is only temporary. It is the reward after a struggle that truly satisfies us. Remember, strength grows from resistance and struggle. If you are not satisfied with your life right now, break out of your comfort zone and start chasing the things you want. Set a goal, make a plan and work hard. You may be surprised to the greatness you can achieve.


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#1 Balance

Life is a balancing game.

Three categories that a person should aim to keep in balance are: health, career and social life. Keeping each of these three categories in balance is ideal for success and a fulfilling life. For each major category, there are two sub-categories:


  • Health
    • Diet: You must fuel your body properly in order for it to function properly. A planned and consistent diet is very important to maintain energy levels. Choose which diet best fits the lifestyle you want to live. Then set up a schedule and consistently follow your schedule! (–>Build your own Diet Plan Here <–)
    • Exercise: Your body is a living machine, don’t let it rust from long periods of being stagnant! Find ANY exercise that best fits your lifestyle and stick to a consistent schedule. Exercising your body is very important to maintaining health and energy levels. It can range from lifting weights, to participating in sports, to walking and taking hikes (–> Figure out your Workout Here <–
  • Career
    • Financial Security: Work hard and situate yourself into a comfortable financial position. Get yourself to the point where if you lost your job tomorrow, you would have enough money saved to hold you over until you find your next job. Work hard and save, money doesn’t buy happiness but it ensures freedom and freedom can make you quite happy. Build that nest egg!
    • Passion: Always be working on something that you are passionate about. Passion fuels energy levels and with high energy levels great things can be accomplished. Even if your main line of work isn’t something you’re passionate about, find a hobby that you are passionate about and set a routine. You may be surprised at how much your energy levels increase.
  • Social
    • Family/Friends: Embrace the relationships with your family and friends. With family and friends, you will have support during tough times, you will also have happiness and laughter during good times.
    • Community: Always try and give back to your community even if it’s helping one random person a day who is in need of help. Humans are social beings and needs to socialize with others. Try to give back to your community, you never know what good deeds could help others and give yourself a feeling of self-satisfaction!


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