#1 Balance

Life is a balancing game.

Three categories that a person should seek to keep in balance are health, career and social life. Keeping each of these three categories in balance is ideal for success. For each major category, there are two sub-categories:


  • Health
    • Diet: You must fuel your body properly in order for it to function properly. A planned and consistent diet are very important to maintain high energy levels. Choose which diet best fits the lifestyle you want to live, set up a schedule on when you plan to eat and consistently follow your schedule! (–>Build your own Diet Plan Here <–)
    • Exercise: Your body is a living machine, don’t let it rust from long periods of time being stagnant! Find ANY exercise that best fits your lifestyle and stick to a consistent schedule. Exercising your body is very important to maintaining health and high energy levels. It can range from lifting weights, to participating in sports, to walking and taking hikes (–> Figure out your Workout Here <–)


  • Career
    • Financial Security: Situate yourself into a comfortable financial situation. Get yourself to the point where if you lost your job tomorrow, you would have enough money saved to hold you over until you find your next job. Work hard and save, money doesn’t buy happiness but it ensures freedom and freedom can make you quite happy. Build that nest egg!
    • Passion: Work always on something that you are passionate about. Passion fuels energy levels and with high energy levels great things can be accomplished. Even if your main line of work isn’t something you’re passionate about, find a hobby that you are passionate about on the side. You may be surprised at how much your energy levels increase and doors for the future begin to open.


  • Social
    • Family/Friends: Embrace the relationships with your family and friends. With family and friends, you will have support during tough times, you will also have happiness and laughter during good times.
    • Community: Always try and give back to your community even if its helping one random person a day who is in need of help. Humans are social beings and needs to socialize with others. Try to give back to your community, you never know what good deeds could in turn help others and make you feel good about yourself!


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