#22 Rich/Poor

Rich vs Poor, what is the difference? When you take away all the materialistic things, there really isn’t much. The bottom line is we are all humans and what one human is capable of, another human can also do.

So why is there such a separation between people who are Rich and people who are Poor? Of course there are the Rich who have acquired their wealth from their parents. There are those who were guided towards riches, but what is it that allows them to maintain their fortune and to keep growing? Also, how do people who are not born with riches figure out how to acquire it?

The only real difference between these two different types of people is nothing more than their habits. Those who become wealthy in life become so due to their habits. They keep their bodies healthy, their mind sharp and constantly strive for achievement. Some main habits that wealthy people perform on a daily basis during includes the following:

  • They always have a goal they are working towards and keep that goal in sight.
  • They plan what they are going to do to achieve their goals days in advanced so when they wake up, they can immediately start working.
  • They read daily. (They read some fiction for entertainment but mostly they read non-fiction books that will help improve their views on life and thoughts about the future).
  • They always put in more work than what is required of them. (This can highlight to others your abilities and separate you from the norm).
  • They regularly try to eat healthy and to exercise.

During their free time, people who become rich are constantly striving and making moves towards its attainment by following some of the habits listed above. We are all living in the 21st century and have unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips.

Don’t waste your free time constantly scrolling through social media. Use your free time wisely. Look into the habits of the rich and make a few of them your own. Set your goal and keep it insight. Make some sacrifices and who knows, maybe all of the poor will one day become the rich.

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