#21 Suffering

We all have our own stories, our own past experiences. We all have unique accomplishments and we all have unique struggles. Every one of these experiences makes us the individual we are today.

Accomplishments build our self-confidence and encourage our view on the world. However, our struggles build our strength and re-mold our view of the world.

Struggles builds resilience in a person, a fire that cannot be put out by others.

Most people in the world are burdened with great struggles. These burdens tend to kill moral, kill drive and kill motivation. They tend to bring a person down and make them want to give up.

This is the mindset that struggles bring upon us as humans. Regardless of your struggles, no matter how significant or seemingly insignificant they may be to others, your personal struggles can destroy you.

Yes, your struggles can destroy you BUT they can also make you, a better you. Depending on the person you are, your struggles will either depress you and force you into a hole or empower you and give you the strength to move mountains.

When we’re feeling down, sad or depressed about our life and the situations we are presently in or previously have been through, two different types of thoughts go through our minds:

  • Pessimistic Thoughts – Why me? What can I do? I’m stuck in this position. Life doesn’t get better. Nothing is worth it. This is what I am; I’ll never be anything more.
  • Optimistic Thoughts – This situation I’m in is terrible but it can be worse. Right now I’m struggling but one day I won’t be. I will find a way out of this.

The difference between these two different thoughts (Pessimistic vs Optimistic) makes all the difference in life and will be the determining factor of your future. If you start paying attention to your perks rather than your disadvantages, you may one day look back to your struggles as the source of your strength.

Like a muscle, we become stronger during difficult times. Embrace your struggles and grow from them.

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