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Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to you?

If not,

then what is it that you should do?

Do you have a choice?

Is there an angle you can see?

Where you’re at now,

is it what’s meant to be?

Pressure can be good,

it can also be bad.

You must resist from getting mad.

If the passion is there then the pressure is good.

If not, then the pressure can destroy you, understood?

By: Mr. Roses

Pressure is typical when competing in life’s game of survival. Everyone must decide on what that means for them. Everyone must decide on two things:

  • How they will eat/drink.
  • Where they will find shelter.

Of course on a more grander scale there are many other concerns such as areas to live, places to work, the safety of your family and so on. But to the three most basic needs for humans, we need food, water and shelter. Even just securing these three basic needs could put a great amount pressure on a person.

Everyone needs to decide on what type of lifestyle is suitable for them. Once decided on, they need to chase and pursue that lifestyle. Any type of lifestyle will take some effort/sacrifice to achieve/maintain and will put some level of pressure on that individual. To live a happy life everyone needs to take the following steps and decide what type of pressures they wish to endure:

  1. Decide on what type of lifestyle you want to live.
  2. Develop a plan on how you wish to achieve that lifestyle.
  3. Cross analyze your lifestyle and plan in the following ways:

  • Is this truly the lifestyle that you want to live?
  • Is your plan to achieve this lifestyle a practical plan?
  • Have you critically looked at your plan from every angle and calculated the points where you may fail?
  • Have you developed a plan on what you will do if your plan doesn’t go accordingly?
  • Is the lifestyle you want to live worth the pressures that you will face down the road and are you ready to face and conquer those pressures?

Remember, not all pressure is bad. Pressure directed towards the right goals can be a great moving force for achievement. Decide on what type of pressures are beneficial to your chosen quality of life and then eliminate all negative pressures.

When striving for your goals, you may fail and most likely will at one point or another. However, failure is only failure when you choose to give up. If you look at failure as lessons highlighting where your plan was flawed, then you may reach your goals quicker than expected.

Final thoughts: Diamonds are made under extreme pressure. Decide on your goal, work hard and never give up. Become a diamond and face the pressures of your chosen lifestyle.