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Patience ………………………………………… Patience …………………………………………………………… Patience.

Having Patience can take quite a bit of patience. Patience may be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome when trying to become successful. But why be patient?

You did all this work, you put in the time and you made the sacrifices that you needed to make in order to achieve your goals. So why now do you now have to be patient to achieve success?

Well because not everything in life happens right away, for example consider farming. Farming is a labor demanding job. Farming has (6) basic steps that every farmer must make in order to grow plants, vegetables, fruits, exedra. These steps when broken down can act as a perfect simile to the patients needed to achieve your goals.

1.) Crop Selection – Here the Farmer must decide on the seeds to plant.

* Here the successful person must decide on what type of goal they wish to accomplish.

2.) Land Preparation – Here the Farmer must choose land and preparing it for the seeds.

* Here the successful person must begin laying down a plan for how to achieve their goals.

3.) Seed Sowing – Here the Farmer must begin planting the seeds into the soil.

* Here the successful person must take action and start working according to their plan.

4.) Irrigation – Here the Farmer must constantly water the crops to ensure their growth and development.

* Here the successful person must nurture the dream of their goal and continuously work on achieving it with faith in achieving the goal.

5.) Crop Growth – Here the Farmer begins to see his crops rising from the soil.

* Here the successful person begins to see progress and results on their goals.

6.) Harvesting – Here the Farmer begins to finally harvest fruits, vegetables, exedra from their crops.

* Here the successful person finally experiences results from their efforts.


Most people give up on stage (4).

After moving through a labor-intensive stage (3), most people feel as if they are finished and are ready for their reward. They don’t realize that after all the hard work there is still time until their goals become realized.

In order for our goals to be realized, our hard work needs to be backed with faith through the (Irrigation Process), then will start growing through (Crop Growth), then finally may become ready to be realized during (Harvesting).

To be truly successful we need to do the work, but also we must be patient and have faith in the process. After all the work is done, it’s now up to mother nature and her perfect timing. We must remain confident, keep up on our schedule, work hard and be patient.

Your harvest season may just be around the corner!