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In order to be successful, there are many different things that go into the magical formula that changes dreams into reality. One of the key elements is organizational skills. Not only in organization of our work, but also in organization of our daily life and mind.

By this I mean organization of our desk at work, our home, our room, our extracurricular activities, our bills, our priorities, our emotions and so on. Organization multiplies our spirit, boosts energy levels and increases efficiency.

Throughout the day people subconsciously waste their energy, some examples could be:

  1. Deciding on what clothing to wear during the day.
  2. Deciding on what food to eat during the day.
  3. Deciding on what activities to do during the day.
  4. Looking for personal/work items around the house/office.
  5. Deciding on when to workout or exercise.
  6. Deciding on when to do one’s laundry.
  7. Deciding on when to clean one’s house.
  8. Deciding when to clean and re-organize ones workplace.

The list could go on forever. The point to be understood is that these small decisions take different amounts of mental energies for each person to decide upon and when added together could be a substantial amount of energy being used.

In order to conserve energy, many random tasks like the ones mentioned above could be organized into a set pattern that will eventually become a habit. Habits form through repetition and create automatic responses resulting in low energy usage.

Benefits of organization

As a person becomes better at planning their personal/business lives, more habits will form and most of life’s simple tasks will become automatic resulting in more available energy.

The great thing with habits is that once they become automatic, they require much smaller amounts of energy. The key to developing these habits is to first become organized and second to be disciplines and stick to the schedule. Some examples of basic decision we must make everyday that we can program to become automatic:

  1. I will wear (x) sets of clothing in a cycle during the weeks at work.
  2. I will pre-plan my meals for the week and stay consistent.
  3. I will spend time with friends on these days (x) and work on my goals on these days (x).
  4. I will organize my house/office like this (x).
  5. I will work out on these days (x).
  6. I will do laundry every (x).
  7. I will clean my house every (x).
  8. I will organize my desk in (x) way.
  9. I will clean up my desks workplace every (x).

These small organizational habits that can be formed will save great amount of energy and allow for greater heights of achievement to be reached in other areas.

“A well-organized desk indicates a well-organized brain, as there is a close relationship between one’s mental attitude and one’s physical environment. “ –Napoleon Hill

Stay organized and try to turn basic tasks into habits. This is a great principle that will ensure higher mental energy levels.