Mindset vs. Fear

Mindset Vs Fear
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It’s true, typically the things that change us and help us grow are the ones that scare us the most. Usually the things that scare us the most are the things that we don’t think we can accomplish. The fear of failure is actually what scares us.

What’s important to understand is that this fear of failure is a self-inflicted false reality. It’s a mindset that holds you captive from doing what you believe in your heart you should do.

A few examples:

1.) Take a child who is scared to go into their room alone at night. The child fears that there are monsters in the room and is too scared to go into the dark room alone. This fear of the monsters is just a mindset that blocks the child from going into their room alone late at night.

Adults know monsters don’t exist but the child doesn’t. Until the child matures and gets over the fear of monsters, this fear mindset that there are monsters in the room will have some control over the child’s actions. Thus blocking the child from going into the room alone at night due to a false reality.

2.) Take a guy scared to talk to a girl. He fears what she will say or maybe even what he will say. So that fear can potentially stop him from taking action and talking to the girl he admires.

Until he can finally over come this mindset and take a chance even though it scares him, he will never grow, he will never develop the courage to talk to girls and never truly know what the outcome of his efforts could be.

3.) Now say we have a person who wants to take a chance with a new work decision. Maybe if they fail, they will be left with nothing. Is it worth the risk? That’s up to them, only they could decide.

They need think about the worst possible situation they could get themselves into. Set a plan on what they would do if the worst happened. If they feel comfortable with their plan and truly believe in their decision, then they can over come their fear and free themselves from the fear mindset.

Mindsets can entrap us. Identify which ones are holding you back, then make an educated leap of faith and break the chains.