Find your Purpose

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Choosing a purpose in life is a critical starting point to achieving success. Please understand that dollars do not define success, success is the progressive realization of a good idea.

Throughout life, we move in different directions through the different phases of our life. At different ages, different activities/goals may seem important or life changing. Then as we get older, we may begin to see those same activities/goals as not being so important.

This is life, humans are constantly growing and changing. We are constantly finding new interests then moving to the next. The biggest issue with this is that most people don’t stick with one thing long enough for success to fully develop.

To be successful in the future it takes hard work, dedication and consistency. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people constantly jump from topic of interest to topic of interest their whole life and never see a path fully through.

This spreads energy levels too thin and causes failure to focus enough energy on one topic. Spreading our concentration/energy onto too many different topics will almost never lead to success.

The first step to becoming successful in the future is picking a purpose. As we grow through life, our perspective about life changes. Therefor, our growing perspective on life will continuosuly alter our plan to success. Eventually over time, the true path to achieving our purpose will slowly present itself.

As said by Napoleon Hill “Purpose is a desire chosen by an individual that they are determined to achieve. Any purpose that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there with the determination to realize it will saturate the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body towards the attainment of that purpose.”

To achieve great success in your life, find your purpose. It can be anything: medical, educational, sports, art, invention, studies or even helping people.

If you cannot find your purpose, find your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.