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Any successful person who claims they never failed is a liar. Failure is essential to success. It’s unavoidable but luckily it’s the ultimate teacher. If understood correctly, it is the most important factor that makes ordinary people extraordinary.

Failure is like electricity. If controlled properly it can do amazing things and in some instanced it helps bring people back to life (defibrillator). Also, if not controlled properly it can cause great damage and potentially kill (lightning).

The two different ways of looking at failure:

Pessimistic views – When faced with a failure the pessimistic thinkers begin by feeling down on themselves. Most believe it is a sign that they will never be good enough to achieve their goals. It kills self-confidence and spirit. Failure makes most people feel embarrassed and self-conscious. It can diminish all will power to prevail and succeed. This way of thinking can kill all movement towards one’s goals.

Optimistic views: – When faced with failure the optimistic response is taken quite differently from the pessimistic. While the pessimistic sulks, the optimistic analyzes their failure. The optimist tries to learn from their failure. They break down every step and find where the fault in their plan lies. They believe that the war is not over and in every lost battle there is a lesson to be learnt that will lead to victory in the end.

Failure is a teacher who shows us the faults in our plan and makes sure we don’t forget them.

In this life, we must deal with failure often. We are all imperfect humans and are bound to fail at times. If we fail at something, that means we’re making an attempt towards a new goal but don’t quite have the plan right yet. Most people are so scared to fail that they stop attempting new things and stop re-adjusting their plans.

When humans stop attempting new things, we stop growing. We need to change our perspective on failure and look at it as lesson we are learning on our path to success. When striving to accomplishing our goals and become successful, failure is almost inevitable.

Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger!