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What is to come?

What is to be?

I’m scared of what will happen,

that’s between you and me.

I must continue on,

even though I don’t know.

The challenges I’ll face that I must undergo.

The reason behind my journey is important indeed.

Regardless of the challenges, I’m sure to succeed.

By: Mr. Roses

Throughout life there will be many uncertainties. We as humans can never know the outcome of what will happen in the future. All that we can do is speculate, gather facts and make predictions. We must use these predictions to take educated guesses in order to continue progression in any given work, project or personal task.

Progressing based off prediction and educated guesses isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It takes a certain amount of courage to continue moving forward over uncertain grounds due to the potential of failure.

Courage is a vital force that drives success through uncertain times. To accomplish anything great you need courage. In order to be courageous, you must do the following:

– Believe in yourself, whether it be something regarding your work, your own project or a personal task in life.

– Analyze all the potential benefits of preceding over these uncertain grounds.

– Analyze all the potential failures of preceding over these uncertain grounds.

– Decide upon the importance of this task and decide if the benefits outweigh the consequences of failure.

Deciding to precede over uncertain grounds is a sign of courage, but only if the above steps have been taken. Anyone can precede forward over uncertain grounds with ignorance. It takes true courage to proceed through uncertain grounds with full awareness of the potential failures.

Analyze these failures, decide if the benefits are worth the risk and if they are, move forward with courage!