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Change, it instills fear into many. Change is about new beginnings and new experiences. Change is the ONLY thing consistent throughout our whole life.

So why are many people afraid of it?

For one, we are beings of habit. Breaking our habits is tough and can make us feel uncomfortable. It’s always easier to take a clear path that has been walked on than to start our own.

Also, just as in nature, we are lazy and always seek to take the path of least resistance. An example of this can be seen in water. Water will rarely flow uphill, but will flow downhill every time with ease. Water flowing downhill is the path of least resistance. In order for water to flow uphill but that would require more effort such as using a pump or being in an area of high pressure.

Change takes work which most people try and avoid.

Another reason people hate change is because as we age we become more resistant towards trying new things. We hit a point where we feel that we can gage what we’re good at and what we’re not good at.

Avoiding change helps reduce the feeling of defeat or embarrassment. People avoid constantly challenge themselves, typically because of past experiences and the fear of looking foolish.

Another major reason people fear change is due to the uncertainty of the future even though it is only temporary uncertainty. Change has many initial questions when introduced such as: Will this be effective? How will others handle it? How will I handle it? Could there be negative impacts?

People always fear what they do not know and the results of change is not always a clear picture.

Change is the ONLY thing consistent in life and the outcomes are unknown. We must all gage the positive and negatives impacts. If the positives outweigh the negatives then it is beneficial. If the negative out weighs the positive, then it may be time to re-organize our plans.

Learn to embrace change and continue growing.

Change is like the movement of water. Running water is always clean and healthy. Stagnant ponds are always filled with disease and bacteria. Humans have the power to pump the pond water out and start it moving again. Don’t be a stagnant pond. Embrace change and get your water moving again.