#20 What’s your Why?


Your why is your Drive. Find the Driving force that motivates you to greater levels of action and achievement. Finding your Drive is another key element that leads to greatat forms of success.

However, the road to success isn’t as simple as it seems. Along the road you will face many challenges. You will fail at times, be forced to learn from your mistakes and have to re-model your plan. You will go through waves of high energy/enthusiasm and low energy/depression.

During the high energy levels, you will accomplish many tasks and will triumph through your failures with enthusiasm. During the low energy levels, the simplest tasks will seem difficult and with the depression, your failures may seem like the end of the world. You may even believe that all your efforts have been waisted or weren’t worth it.

This is common. During low energy levels most people gives up and fails. It’s important to remember that what we imagine and believe, we achieve. Your efforts weren’t worthless. If you believed at one point in your heart and gut that you are making the right decisions, continue on and venture into the part of the road that many choose not to travel on.

“Any roadblock is just a test, most quit and fail, few try and think their way to success.”

– Mr. Roses

What is your push? Who are you doing this for? Are you striving for yourself or are you striving for others? What is Your Drive? By finding your Drive, you will discover a powerful tool that will push you through the low energy levels and strengthen your will to succeed.

  • Your Drive can be your family or loved one.
  • Your Drive can be past memories or your vision of the future. You can feed off the desire to never return to where you have been before or the hunger to get where you’ve never been.
  • Your Drive can be your values and the good you hope you can do one day. You may be fighting for a cause.

Your Drive can be anything that motivates you consistently to want to achieve higher levels of success. Find your Drive, find what motivates you to want to continue on even during the most difficult parts of your journey. Constantly keep that Drive in your mind and during times of hardship, think back to why your doing all this. Think back to your Drive.

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