#18 Impossible


Impossible it was to believe that humans would ever become the dominating species on earth in respect to our size and physical abilities. Impossible it was to believe that humans could build major structures with no mechanical machinery. Impossible it was to believe that humans would ever be able to fly. Impossible to Possible, it’s what humans do.

Anything is possible when fully thought out and approached in the right way. The long distance that humans have come and the great accomplishments that have been made is proof that humans can achieve the Impossible. So, what is Impossible then? Impossible is nothing!

Humans have become the top dominant species on earth not by our size or physical abilities, but by our brains. We discovered that in groups, with manmade tools and some organization that we can overpower any other species.

This is all due to our unique ability of original thought. We can assemble ideas through thoughts and experiences. We can then constructive those ideas into plans to create things that never existed before except for in our Imaginations. That is the great gift that separates humans from all other species on earth.

Humans have original thoughts! If we can believe something is possible and imagine how to do it, then we can find a way to achieve it. Choosing to believe that something is Impossible is a choice and a mindset. If you believe that something is Impossible, it may be true, but it is only true based off your current education and experience.

If any human believes that something is Possible and strives aggressively to achieve it, well then humans will find a way once again to turn the Impossible to Possible.

Don’t limit your vision. Humans have proven almost nothing is Impossible and are constantly out doing ourselves every day. Dream big, visualize your goal, set a plan, work hard as hell and turn your dreams into reality!

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