#17 Triggers


                As humans, we live in a world filled with external stimulants. How we react to those external stimulants determine our quality of life. The reason being, the external stimulants play with our emotions and our emotions determine our quality of life.

Below I have listed (6) of the most basic human emotions. I have laid out the six emotions and possible Triggers that can cause the emotion:

  • Love
    1. Seeing your family/friends.
    2. Helping another person.
  • Joy
    1. Your favorite team won.
    2. All the work you put in on your project paid off.
  • Surprise
    1. A random act of kindness happens towards yourself from another.
    2. Having great respect for another persons unexpected accomplishment.
  • Anger
    1. Being pestered by others.
    2. Jealously of others.
  • Sadness
    1. Songs that remind you of past troubles.
    2. Feeling guilty for a wrongful action.
  • Fear
    1. Being confronted with an unexpected obstacle.
    2. Feeling pressured.

The list of different Triggers for each of the six emotions can go on forever. Different Triggers will cause different emotions for each individual. The Key here is to study yourself and figure out what Triggers for you cause which emotions.

We as humans if trained correctly may obtain control and direction of our emotions. Control of emotions is another element that is Key to becoming successful in whatever you please.

In order to achieve true greatness, study our own emotions and understand yourself. Once you do this you will be surprised to learn how much you now know about others and their emotions.

If you can understand your own emotions and the emotions of others given different external stimulants, then you are well on your way to success.

Find the Triggers that motivate you to become the person you want to be and believe me, your greatest dreams can be achieved.

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