#16 Self-Control


                  Self-Control or better yet, Thought-Control is one of the most important things to practice when striving for success of any sort. Having good Self-Control is just being very good at Controlling our Thoughts.

Self-Control is the ability to feel all the emotions that we are experiencing in a given incident (Worry/ Happiness /Anger/ Desire /Fear/exc… /) and being able to present oneself as if we were not experiencing any.

Self-Control is setting a goal and staying on the path set until success is reached. As life goes on there will be many Temptations that will test us and attempt to weaken our Self-Control. The more we give in to these temptations the further down a road of failure they will lead us.

  • Example: A Person Dieting

The Original Thoughts:

A person may decide that they need to loose some weight so they set a plan to workout 5 days a week and to stop eating unhealthy food.

The Temptations:

Throughout the weeks they constantly get offered (food/plans to hangout) that would interfere with their plan to eat healthy and workout when scheduled.

Choosing to side with the Temptations:

Throughout the weeks they decide to take up the offers of unhealthy foods and the alternative plans that take up the time they set for working-out. If these Temptations constantly change their Thoughts and causes them to alter from their plan, then they will be a failure. They will also have learned the weakness of their Self-Control strength and can begin practicing strengthening it.

Choosing to side with your Original Thoughts:

Throughout the weeks they decide to refuse the offers of unhealthy foods and the alternative plans that would have occupied their time set for working-out. They stay on their plan to lose weight. They stay away from unhealthy foods and workout 5 days a week. At the end of it all, they will have shown a great amount of Self-Control and are sure to be a success.


Self-Control or Thought-Control is essential to success in a world filled with opinionated people and exterior temptations. You must master Self-Control if you plan to be successful at anything in life. To become successful, find a goal, set a plan and stick to it! Walking out the plan isn’t always easy and the rout may have many changes along the road but remember, what we can conceive and believe we can accomplish. Maintain your Self-Control and don’t let the outsiders change your Thoughts. Stay on your plan and achieve success!

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