#15 Confidence


You only have as much Confidence as you practice. Believe it or not, Confidence is something that must be practiced and worked at daily in order to develop and grow.

Confidence is much like a muscle, to build it up, you must work it out and if you don’t your confidence will shrink. If you do not work on your confidence daily, then you will progressively become less and less Confident with each day. Confidence is limitless but it must be worked on, it is a result of practice and experience.

When trying to build confidence, look back at your life. Think about all the times where you excelled and accomplished something good. Whether it be graduating from school, helping out another person with something, building something, excelling in a sport, anything memorable that you did that made you feel proud of yourself.

Remember how you felt on that day, remember the feeling that made you feel like you can take on the world. The feeling that made you feel truly important, successful and meaningful in your life. At that moment in time, you felt the limitlessness of Confidence. Unfortunately, over time that feeling of confidence diminishes. So how do we constantly work at becoming Confidence then?

The feeling of confidence comes from:

 1.) Deciding on who you or who you need to be / Finding your Purpose

2.) Organizing a Plan

3.) Taking Action

The struggles that must be faced and worked on to strengthen your confidence:

4.) Accepting failure as a lesson and continuing forward

5.) Ignoring the opinions of others

Item number 5 is the most critical point in becoming confident in yourself. Many people in this world will have their own opinions of how they think of you and what they think about the things you do. You must remember that other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.

Most of the time false opinions are formed off fake claims or lack of knowledge. Know that most of these people forming opinions on you don’t even have a full grasp of who they are themselves.

Be Confident in the uniqueness and flaws of yourself. Trust in the person you are striving to become and accept that failure will be present too often on the road to success. Learn from your mistakes and take none of the opinions of others personally.


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