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Achieve Happiness, Purpose and Meaning in Life through The Success Mindset.

Success is defined as the progressive realization of a good idea. It starts by deciding on what our ideal life would look like, then working towards its attainment.

On the journey towards our own unique idea of Success, we will face many difficulties and failures. Mindset is the key to overcoming any obstacle that may present itself.

Below are Blog and Video Posts to help inspire Creative Thinking and the Growth Mindset:

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Entertain, Educate and Inspire the Future Generations

Mr. Roses is an author from New York traveling to schools and teaching kids the success mindset through his children’s book series. All books in the series are written in a rhythmic writing style with full color illustrations. Each book is made up of a story, reading comprehension section, attention to detail section, word search game and success lessons. Below find more information on the book series and Mr. Roses’ visits:

Children’s Success Series Vol. I by: Mr. Roses


The mission of House of Roses is to help others further themselves towards success. To teach the importance of thought awareness and concentrated thought. To encourage creativity and the growth mindset. Below you can find out more about Mr. Roses and contact him directly:


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